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is a British New York artist (1982- )

born in South Africa

taught first by artist George Boys ZA (1930-2014)

OkJgraduated University College, London UK (1982)

served as professor in Visual Arts in USA (1982-2007)

Ttrained as psychoanalyst in NYC (1998)

works in digital art

does photomontage

prints on aluminum*

draws on YUPO synthetic paper

paints with acrylic

Influencers: Walter Benjamin, Andy Warhol, Roland Barthes, Cy Twombly, Susan Sontag et al.

Homages: Barnett Newman, Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Louise Bourgeois, Robert Rauschenberg, Anselm Kiefer, Julian Schnabel, David Salle, Julie Mehretu et al.

Artist's Statement: UNTITLED
"The artist does not make submissions."
"Out of competition . . . ."

*Scratch Resistant Waterproof
24 x 36 inches & 30 x 40 inches

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